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Edward R. Laden, Sr.

Edward R. Laden, Sr. was born in St. Louis, Missouri. As a young man, he loved to read, write poems and short stories, perform on stage and travel. After graduating from high school, he joined the U.S. Air Force. A four year tour of duty afforded him the opportunity to travel to Alaska and several foreign countries including Canada, Mexico, Spain, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Returning home to St. Louis, he worked his way through several unfulfilling jobs until he became a firefighter. Once his brothers and sisters moved to Atlanta and Salt Lake City, Mr. Laden decided to continue his firefighting career in a new city.

Since he was never fond of snow and cold weather, he narrowed his location choices down to two cities; Los Angeles and Miami. Utilizing a very unorthodox method to decide his choice, he simply flipped a coin. Los Angeles lost the toss.

He moved to Miami in 1976 and joined the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department. He quickly rose through the ranks, progressing from firefighter to Division Chief. He retired in 2003 after more than 27 years of dangerous public service.

Post retirement, Mr. Laden still resides in the Miami, Florida area and continues his love of traveling by yearly Caribbean and Mexican sea cruises as well as cross-country trips to several U.S. National parks. So far he has visited 42 out of the 50 states and has penciled the other 8 onto his “bucket list”.

He is currently busy pursuing his second career of writing novels, screenplays, publishing and public relations endeavors.

Mr. Laden has two other novels which will be published soon. The first one is a mystery thriller titled “The Majesty”. It is about a cruise ship traveling from London to New York that encounters a weird fog, transforming the passengers and crew members into deadly combatants. The second novel is Mr. Laden’s autobiography titled “Potential”. It documents his life story as well as other famous and non-famous people who for whatever reason, never quite achieved the fame and fortune that were expected from them.

Mr. Laden is a strong advocate for people to always keep a positive outlook on life, no matter how bleak things may appear from time to time. He believes we all have an inner strength that fuels our imagination, our drive to succeed and contribute in a positive way. We just need to release it.